SaaS Inquiry Management System

Surmount Media’s versatile inquiry management system can also be used internally by your marketing teams. This technology will help better manage inquiry partners, budget, compliance, and marketing campaigns, just like how an Surmount marketing manager would. The system is completely customizable and dynamic, meaning we can create one with only the features you need or customize new ones.  Surmount Media can train key members of your marketing staff on best practices and how to maximize usage of this technology and can continue to support your needs throughout our partnership.

Through extensive experience managing diverse multifaceted marketing campaigns, Surmount has developed a powerful new technology that is innovative, quick, flexible, and tailored with marketers’ goals in mind. Our exclusive technology is designed as an advanced user interface that empowers marketing managers through the ability to optimize inquiry volume, inquiry quality, and marketing costs. Our web-based administrative tools and dashboards are not only extremely user-friendly but are also quite dynamic and allow for high-speed manipulation of various campaigns. With the ability to create and apply different marketing and retention tools for specific campaigns, marketing teams will be well-prepared to maximize our technology to scrutinize sources and maneuver appropriately to achieve the best results.

Surmount Technology Features:

  • Intelligent Inquiry Capture – Eliminate duplicate inquiries, false inquiries through an advanced, real-time inquiry scrubbing feature

  • Fast, User-friendly Interface – Developed to be extremely quick and dynamic with ease of use being a top priority

  • Consolidated media planning dashboard – Manage multiple campaigns through our advanced media planning dashboard and track all marketing efforts more effectively

  • Customized Logistics – Ability to route inquiries to various sales teams and locations to boost response time. Works in harmony with your CRM, CMS or information storage program

  • Real-time Analysis – Evaluate marketing costs, inquiry source performance, and campaign results through a variety of analytics tools designed for quick optimization

  • Tailored Features – We offer tailored system features to suit multiple goals for different campuses, programs, degrees, etc.

  • On-going Feature Development – With a highly dynamic technology core, we will be able to quickly develop features in swift fashion- continuously rolling out features that will rapidly become available to schools and inquiry partners

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We will provide greater control over the lead generation process and more stringent compliance management. Additionally, we have unique and innovative ideas on how to get leads to convert higher from front-end enhancements.