Digital Marketing Audits

Not sure which audit suits the needs of your business? That’s okay. We can help you find out what the current state of your Advertising, Marketing & Branding is. In order to set yourself up for success, you need to define it; and measuring your efforts in detail requires you to clearly define the criteria for success. At Surmount Media, we understand that knowing the current state of any business is crucial because the value of all future efforts will be judged according to this baseline.

Paid Search Management Audit

Surmount uses the industry leading Paid Search audit tools into one easy-to-read report with our PPC Audit. Components of the audit include advertising research, keyword research, quality score, click-through rate (CTR), ad text optimization, landing page optimization, wasted spend, account activity, budget, and tracking.

Digital Marketing Audit

Our team of digital marketing professionals takes into account the unique challenges in today’s digital marketing landscape – converting site visits into prospects and prospects into clients/sales equals exceeding your goals and increasing profits. By implementing our core strategies we can increase search visibility, reduce bounce rates, increase click-through rates (CTRs), and maximize organic conversions.

Social Media Audit

Evaluate your social media marketing performance with our social media audit. Components of our social media marketing audit include competition, listening, customers, social advertising, community, feedback, copywriting, image, frequency, send time, and automation.

SEO Audit

Surmount Media utilizes advanced SEO auditing tools & methodologies to perform the audit and then condenses our report into one concise SEO site audit. Components of our SEO site audit include indexing, accessibility, site architecture, user experience, keyword analysis, link analysis, mobile optimization, on-page optimization, content evaluation, and social media.

Lead Generation & Call Transfer Audit

Our market-oriented best practices approach properly guides clients to achieve their long-term marketing objectives. Our mission is to enhance relationships between our clients and inquiry sources.