Social Media Management

In the new digital age, social media management services are highly valued. Very few marketing companies specializing in public, private as well as nonprofit entities offer both paid and organic social media management. A strong social media presence has become a key component in nearly every organization’s digital marketing arsenal. With the massive surge of users to social media sites (ie. Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Linkedin, Instagram, etc…), social media marketing is no longer an added bonus; it is a requirement. Several billion people are active on these social media websites monthly, and this presents an enormous opportunity to increase brand awareness, drive valuable traffic, create a unique online presence and ultimately grow sales. Social media marketing incorporates content marketing on social media websites and paid advertising on these robust networks.

Engage Social Media Marketing to Drive Sales

The Surmount team will create or build on the social media presence of your organization and help display your brand in an effective manner to appeal to your target audience. What are some of the benefits of incorporating a sound social media strategy for your company?

Why Social Media?

  • Generate greater opportunities beyond regular marketing options
  • Increase interactions with prospective clients to get more conversions
  • Utilize Precision Targeting capabilities based on interest, behaviors and locations
  • Without geographical constraints, promote your brand everywhere
  • Build a strong brand identity

Social Media Management

At Surmount, we understand the ways to attract engagement on social media:

  • Create compelling content that appeals to the audiences you’re trying to engage with
  • Provide a compelling reason that they’d want to share it within their social networks
  • Create a community of individuals who want to share this content with their peers
  • Leverage influencers
  • Drive revenue with enticing call to actions

Social Media Marketing / Organic Search Services:

  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Facebook Page Promotion
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Promotion
  • Google Business Promotion
  • Pinterest Optimization
  • Reviews Posting
  • Quora Answers
  • Video Promotion

Social Media Advertising / Paid & Organic Services:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Snapchat Advertising

It is now generally accepted that a strong social media presence is essential for the success and continued growth of any brand. A strong social presence not only helps with branding and traffic generation; it is an integral part of any Search Engine Optimization campaign. The most important aspect of social media in business marketing is determining where you can reach your audience most effectively. Surmount uses advanced demographic studies to determine which social media networks will be the most lucrative for your company’s overall marketing strategy.

Along with advertising on the Google Adwords and BingAds networks, advertising on social media is rapidly growing as one of the major forms of promotion directly to the consumer. Virtually all social networking websites have an advertising platform that can be utilized to reach a more targeted audience than we ever thought possible. Some of the advertising networks we specialize in as a social media advertising agency include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Promoted Pins on Pinterest. People who use these networks store various personal information about themselves, including (but not limited to), location, likes/interests, age, gender, marital status, etc… With this data, we can set up our ad campaigns to target on a much more granular level than search engine advertising can currently offer.