History of Surmount Media

In 2004, Tom Ferrara and David Flack founded CUnet, an interactive, performance-based advertising agency specializing in Higher Education. Though the industry was in its infancy, CUnet successfully forged partnerships with schools and lead sources with their innovative inquiry management system, allowing schools to take charge of their marketing campaigns. CUnet was the first to implement a performance-based pay-per-inquiry model instead of the traditional black box cost-per-inquiry model. Focusing on transparency allowed CUnet to create a new benchmark for the industry.

Their focus has always been on quality partnerships and precision marketing techniques that resulted in a high volume of quality prospects for schools to grow. In a short period of time, they forged solid relationships with both inquiry generation companies and schools, enabling CUnet to become one of the top agencies in the industry. In 2006, CUnet was acquired by Nelnet, Inc. (NYSE: NNI). Tom was also the founding board member of Sparkroom, a leading software as a service (SaaS) technology platform for digital advertising, and inquiry and vendor management which was acquired by CUnet/Nelnet and later Digital Media Solutions. After the expiration of their non-compete, David and Tom embarked on their encore, Edufficient, which was launched in 2012.

Edufficient commenced with fast growth and tremendous client success becoming one of the top performing companies featured in the INC 500. Quickly securing some of the largest clients in the Education sector, Edufficient proved once again that continued innovation, coupled with best practices and detailed analytics can drive profitable growth. Edufficient continues to thrive as a leading results-driven advertising management firm driving growth for Colleges and Universities generating millions of quality student inquiries each year. The Edufficient objective of facilitating long-term growth for client’s through intelligent media buying and performance management, innovative technology, and progressive methodology continues to lead the industry. By serving as an extension of our client’s internal marketing teams, we share their marketing objectives.

Tom and David noticed that most other industries outside of Education were not as data driven and not utilizing all of what was being done within Education. They believed other industries should benefit from the proven techniques, detailed analytics, best practices and methodologies so they launched Surmount Media to bring a fresh approach to industries outside of Education.

As a true strategic marketing partner, Surmount Media will assist your business or take full responsibility of your companies digital marketing efforts by efficiently budgeting your marketing spend in proven areas utilizing time tested techniques and detailed analytics. We continuously optimize and refine your campaigns and media mix instead of simply buying media/inquiries haphazardly to fill a monthly spend. This is accomplished through our high- touch philosophy of quality and advanced technology to monitor inquiry/sales flow and marketing spend unlike any other inquiry management system available today. Our focus is to tidy up the Performance-based Digital Marketing environment in all industries. We can provide you with consistent, predictable, and profitable growth.

Surmount Media is quickly becoming an industry leader providing clients with performance-based marketing, sales/inquiry generation, inbound call generation, paid and organic search, social media, retargeting, targeted display, branding, vendor management, and managed marketing services.

Surmount Media specializes in helping companies increase revenues. Through experience, established presence, critical mass, technical infrastructure, and integration with hundreds of premium distribution channels, we are the most effective means of generating and managing a sustained increase of quality inquiries and inbound calls needed to help our clients reach their revenue goals.

Surmount Media is a privately-held company based in New Jersey and Rochester, New York.