Marketing Services

Due to it being a fast-paced industry, the business-specific performance-based inquiry generation and Digital Media management space has come a very long way and is still evolving. However, companies must continue to take more control of the inquiry origin and distribution methods to fully capitalize on their marketing campaigns. Many businesses pay agencies expensive management fees and entrust them to spend their marketing dollars for inquiries that do not convert into sales or do not stay engaged. The fact of the matter is that companies, agencies, and their marketing partners know that more transparency is needed in this industry to help foster the system’s long-term efficacy. However, the battle to improve inquiry quality and management has become increasingly difficult due to such a competitive environment. This has taken place not only between organizations but also between inquiry generation companies. Now, businesses too often are forced to buy more and more inquiries, hoping that at least a few convert so that sales targets can be met.

Some of what you can expect from your Surmount Media partnership: