Integrated Marketing

At Surmount Media, we believe that a comprehensive marketing and customer engagement strategy requires an integrated approach. Integrated marketing allows communication to occur between different channels to deliver a complete and unified message. Surmount Media is a proud advocate of using an integrated marketing approach to fulfill customer engagement needs.

What is Integrated Marketing?

An integrated marketing strategy reinforces brand recognition across several marketing services and destinations improving the online presence and rapport. The overall effect translates to a more comprehensive experience for the potential customer and a greater chance at conversion. Our experienced Surmount Media team will bring strategic value to your projects and allow you to implement integrated marketing initiatives. These initiatives will help your company or organization communicate a complete and consistent message to the consumer. Talk to any of our clients and you will hear an endless list of answers on why they choose Surmount Media The real question is…why would you choose anyone else?

Leveraging Your Data

Most companies and organizations have advertising and marketing, yet very few have an integrated marketing strategy that leads to consistent predictable expansion. A big data analysis provides a peek inside; a chance to view the behavior of your customers. However, most clients either don’t have the ability to analyze all of the relevant data or the technology to build an integrated marketing strategy to act on it. We can help you with that…

Filling in the Gaps

The combination of readily available advanced technology and proven precision marketing strategies can make the difference between growth and decline or profit and loss. Our analytics group at Surmount Media will take your sales success data and provide you with a deep dive analysis. This information can provide you with the ultimate understanding of your institution’s success factors and the behaviors of targeted consumer populations. After providing an analysis, we evaluate your current internal capabilities and suggest or provide the missing elements that will ensure your success. To finalize the process, we work together to drive qualified sales and customer engagement through the roof.

Looking for ways to improve your marketing approach?