Marketing Automation Solutions

Surmount Media provides a comprehensive solution for your company to deliver instant, customized, multivariate autoresponders, behavior triggered email recirculation & remarketing, along with a unique website visitor ID. By identifying and delivering the correct individualized content to the prospective customers at just the right time, we can help your company increase client interaction and sales.

Managed Services (we do it for you):

Our enterprise marketing automation solution provides you with set up, management and refining campaigns matched to your company’s products and services. We work together to create approved email templates that are customized to the method of inquiry generation. Additionally, we place a small script of code on your website allowing us to identify the who, what & when of the visitors to your site. These are called High Engagement alerts.  Emailed in real time to your company so that your employees can reach out to the prospective consumers while they are actively engaged and interested.

SaaS Services (you manage it):

Our SaaS-based platform solution is meant to be managed directly & independently by your company’s marketing staff. We provide you with the full suite of enterprise marketing automation solutions. This will allow you to customize content delivery, timing, and intent, which will result in generating significantly higher conversions, thus increasing your ROI.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations. Marketing automation also allows us to more effectively market on multiple channels such as email, social media, and websites, where it will automate repetitive tasks.

Email Marketing automation software is a suite of tools to track and develop:

  • VisitorID
  • Dynamic forms
  • Campaign optimization
  • Engagement alerts
  • Lead scoring
  • Behavior tracking
  • Email automation
  • Admissions notifications
  • Campaign analytics
  • Content ROI tracking

Automation FAQ’s

How does this differ from an ESP?

Now that you’ve seen the tools and understand the benefits, it’s important to understand the difference between marketing automation and Email Service Providers (ESP) such as MailChimp, or Constant Contact. This misunderstanding is very common for those who are just becoming aware of marketing automation. This list of features will help you understand the value of marketing automation and the limitations of an ESP.

I already have a CRM!

Customer relationship managers (CRM) – like SalesForce, Sugar, Hubspot, and Zoho – are not marketing automation platforms. Marketing automation platforms are a robust set of tools for generating and qualifying leads. The two platforms are compatible, but a CRM functionality is limited to tracking communication between a sales rep and a prospect. Marketing automation uses forms, behavior tracking, dynamic lists, email automation, and analytics to feed consumers into an organization. Simply put, a CRM does not generate leads or help convert them to your prospective customers. Instead, it is more of an organization tool.