A Performance Based Marketing Agency

Surmount Media is a fast-growing results-driven performance advertising agency specializing in rapid and cost-effective growth. Our objective is to facilitate long-term sustainable growth for businesses and brands through intelligent media buying, stringent compliance, detailed vendor management, innovative technology, drill down analytics and progressive methodology. With decades of experience in digital marketing, the team at Surmount has helped hundreds of businesses and/ or brands reach their goals.

By serving as an extension of your business and/ or of your internal marketing team, we share the growth objectives and work with you to achieve your budgeted goals in the short and long terms. Founders, David Flack and Tom Ferrara are key drivers in having shifted the industry from focusing on inquiry quantity to inquiry quality. Leading the way as pioneering advocates for clients rights to more transparent marketing processes.

They paved the way for businesses to recover control of their online marketing efforts by instituting an inquiry management system and processes, based on the principles of accountability, compliance, and performance. All of these elements are prominent principles of Edufficient, which was founded by David Flack and Tom Ferrara in 2012. The marketing strategies that were exposed to the Education Marketing industry through Edufficient became widespread and adopted as the industries best practices. Surmount Media was created to bring the same solutions and established best practices to industries outside of Education.