Lead Management

At Surmount Media, we are well-equipped to support businesses in addressing a greater importance on compliance, cost control, transparency, and precision marketing with quality over quantity, leading to lower cost per sale/transaction. We will provide greater control over the lead generation process with complete transparency and more robust compliance management, all while improving the bottom line for our customers. Our business principles are based on providing businesses with a more efficient model of precision customer recruitment. Our philosophy is to provide more detailed information on the front-end, followed by back-end verification by both technology & human intervention to create a more informed prospect. This should create a higher level of conversion and ultimately a more qualified prospective customer. Surmount can help identify new marketing outlets and provide out-of-the-box methodologies to support your businesses future growth initiatives.

About Our Innovative Technology

Our cutting-edge, next generation, lead & vendor management system creates a more efficient model for interactive lead intake, inbound calls, warm transfers, and vendor management, improving performance to sale/transaction. Our proprietary technology is designed as an advanced user interface to help optimize lead volume, lead quality, and marketing costs on the brand, product/service & product line specific level. Our web-based administrative tools and dashboards are not only extremely user-friendly but are also quite dynamic and allow for high-speed manipulation of various campaigns and vendors/sources. With the ability to create and apply different marketing and filtering tools for specific campaigns, marketing teams will be well-prepared to maximize our technology to scrutinize sources and maneuver appropriately to achieve the best conversion results.

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We will provide greater control over the lead generation process and more stringent compliance management. Additionally, we have unique and innovative ideas on how to get leads to convert higher from front-end enhancements.