Contact Center Services


Surmount Media has worked with hundreds of clients and seen a variety of Best Practices. Most clients share the goal of growth; unfortunately, many are not internally staffed enough to do all that is necessary to be competitive and successful on their own. Therefore we have the ability to assist them in scaling their operations on an ongoing or as needed basis.

Surmount Media Calling & Enrollment Services

When the internal staff of an organization’s operations cannot support the inquiry flow, outreach, customer service and necessary best practices to deliver effective follow-through and follow-up, advertising and marketing efforts may fail. In these instances, Surmount Media provides clients with an experienced team necessary to fill in the gaps.

Common Areas Clients Need Assistance

Qualify and Transfer

We can perform pre-qualification, screening and transfer those successful leads directly to your designated department(s)

Appointment Setting

Surmount can provide rapid call follow up, pre-qualification, and setting of appointments with prospects

Live Chat Management

We can provide real-time response during defined hours of operation to your website visitors who engage with your site’s live chat feature

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Surmount provides email automation, behavior-based email drip campaigns, live website tracking, and engagement monitoring services to keep your prospect and sales funnel flowing

Referral Campaign

We can contact your clients via email, phone or text to uncover hidden referrals for your business

Custom Campaigns

Surmount can review your current practices. After discovery, we provide a list of opportunities performed either in-house by your staff or by ours.

Surmount will work with you to determine your needs based on: your goals, current capabilities, and existing staff. Depending on your needs, we might staff your team with either one representative or even an entire team to provide you with assistance.

By ensuring the best coverage possible at the crucial moments, you will be set up to fully benefit from your marketing efforts processes to improve on your goals.